Phil-Sargent-Guitars, Compostions

Ana Petrova-Piano

Jerry Sabatini-Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Greg Loughman-Bass

Mike Connors-Drums

recorded, mixed and mastered-Warren Amerman at Ghost Hit Studio.

Giuseppe Paradiso's Meridian 71 "Parallel Dimensions" 2022

Phil Sargent Trio "Standards" 2020


w/Greg Loughman-Bass, Mike Connors-Drums.  Recorded at Rotary Records by Warren Amerman in 2005.

Rick Dimuzio "Time Travelers" 2020

Mehmet Ali Sanlikol "Rise Up" 2020

Giuseppe Paradiso's Meridian 71 "Metropolitan Sketches" 2020

Jose Roman Duque's "JORODO" 2019

John Funkhouser Group "Brothers" 2018

Mehmet Ali Sanlikol's What's Next "Resolution" 2016

Lowman "Garden of Rainbows" 2014

Phil Sargent "A New Day" 2010

Brooke Sofferman Perspective "Symposium" 2010

Lowman "EP" 2011

Rhombus 2010

Sonic Explorers "Lore of the Land" 2007

Jose Duque's Zumbatres "A Live Story" 2006

Jose Duque's Zumbatres "Far Away" 2006

Industrious Noise "Trio" 2005

Iskar 2005

Lola Danza "Vision Quest" 2005

Phil Sargent "For Carl" 2002