Drop 2 voicings (top 4 strings) Learning all your drop 2 voicings (and their inversions) is extremely helpful in navigating your way through any progression using seventh chords. To help get you started, this pdf includes the Maj, Min, Dom, Min7b5, and Diminished 7th chords voiced with the root, 3rd, 5th, and 7th in the bass. These are all on the top 4 strings. Start with these and then you can learn them on the middle and bottom 4 strings as well. The shapes will change a little but are all very manageable with practice. It's important to not only learn the shapes but to memorize what each chord tone is. This will enable you to understand the relationship of each chord tone to the root note. Feel free to contact me at philesargent@verizon.net if you have any questions about these or to set up either in person or skype lessons. Have fun exploring the sounds! 2.4 MB


Ben Monder solo "I Remember You" from Peter Brainin's album "Ceremony" Ben Monder is by far one of my biggest influences! Even after taking a lesson or two with him at his place in brooklyn and countless hours of transcribing lots of his music…his genius both as an improviser/composer leave me scratching my head wondering "How" every time I hear him. This solo is a great example of his use of chromaticism, and rhythmic displacement. My ears needed a break after this one…Enjoy! 225 KB
Kurt Rosenwinkel "Almost Home" Transcription One of my first Kurt Rosenwinkel transcriptions. "Almost Home" from Chris Potter's album "Vertigo". Beautifully fluid in sound, phrasing, and melodic/rhythmic development. I've learned a lot from this solo. Enjoy! 66.6 KB
Kurt Rosenwinkel "All or Nothing at All" Transcription I transcribed this beautifully concise solo (only the first two A sections) from Mark Turners "Ballads" album. Truly an amazing recording filled with brilliant playing from everyone. Check it out! Due to some weird formatting issues, I had to split the solo into two pages... 57.3 KB
Adam Rogers Solo "The Susser" transcription. I've been wanting to transcribe this Adam Rogers solo ever since I first heard it…Finally, I got around to it!! It's a great study in how to manipulate consonance and dissonance over a static funk groove. The development and phrasing is inspiring...Brilliant playing from Scott Colley and Bill Stewart as well! 106 KB
Pat Martino "Alone Together" Transcription. I started transcribing this solo because of the "solo break" alone…It swings so hard! This solo is a great study in bebop style chromaticism and how to create interesting lines with steady 16th notes. Also, it is a great way to work on your picking technique…Enjoy! 98.4 KB
Jim Hall and Tom Harrell"With a Song in My Heart" Melody Statement This is from one of my favorite Jim Hall recordings "These Rooms". Hall plays the melody in the key of "C" duo with Joey Baron on drums. Then Tom Harrell (flugelhorn) plays the melody for the 2nd half of the tune (after modulating to Db) while Hall improvises a beautiful counter line behind him. See below for Jim Hall's solo.Enjoy! 96.5 KB
Jim Hall Solo on "With a song in my Heart" Here is Jim Hall's first solo from this track on his album "these rooms". A great study in motivic development and MELODY! Good stuff indeed…Enjoy. 126 KB

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